Our Mission

The main purpose of TRANS.SCRIPT is to initiate and develop research projects centered on evaluing and promoting the written heritage of Medieval and Early-Modern Transylvania.

The main objectives of our Center are :

  1. TEACHING – by providing an up-to-date approach to the study of palaeography and of the disciplines which support the unmediated analysis of written historical sources through:
    • a. improved handbooks and reference instruments;
    • b. educational programmes and events;
  2. RESEARCH – by the complex exploitation of inaccessible or hard-to-reach written sources related to Transylvania and investigation of known sources in an innovative, in-depth manner through:
    • a. editing and interpreting sources (exploratory and fundamental research);
    • b. implementing information technologies;
  3. COOPERATION – by strengthening academic relations and networks through:
    • a. collaboration with experts in the history of law, philology, historical geography, digital humanities, computer science etc. towards an interdisciplinary approach;
    • b. dialogue with scholars and research organizations which have achieved outstanding results in similar fields of interests, towards an international approach;