Conference venue:
Aula Regele Ferdinand, Institutul de Istorie Națională (str. Napoca, nr. 11, Cluj-Napoca)

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 Day 1 – May 20th 2022

Welcome and Introduction – 9:30-10:00
Prof. Ovidiu Ghitta, Dean of the Faculty; Prof. Maria Crăciun, Director of the Doctoral School; Assoc. Prof. Adinel C. Dincă, Lidia Negoi, PhD

Keynote – 10:00-11:00
Linda G. Jones (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)
Centering the Periphery: The Islamic Oration (Khutba) as an Instrument of Upward Social and Political Mobility in Umayyad Cordoba

Coffee break – 11:00-11:15

Session 1 – 11:15-12:25
Chair: Maria Crăciun

Radu Mustață
(Central European University, Vienna)
Preaching on the Fringe of the Portuguese Empire in Asia: The Case Study of a Catholic Sermonary in Syriac from the Sixteenth-Seventeenth Centuries Malabar – 11:15-11:50

Andrea Radošević (Church Slavonic Institute, Zagreb) (online)
Divković’s sermon collection Besjede between its Latin sources and later 17th century compilation – 11:50-12:25

Lunch break – 12:25-14:30

Session 2 – 14:30-15:40
Chair: Adinel Dincă

Annamária Kovács (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)
‘…locuntur de ea diversis modis’. Representations of the Virgin Mary in Late Medieval Sermons – 14:30-15:05

Lidia Grzybowska (Jagiellonian University, Krakow) (online)
Collection de tempore and de sanctis and the handbook Tractatus sacerdotalis of Mikołaj of Błonie. Common points, common places – 15:05-15:40

Coffee break – 15:40-16:00

Session 3 – 16:00-17:10
Chair: Carmen Florea

Constantinos Georgiou (Cyprus Research Centre, Nicosia) (online)
Quod autem sit convenientior rector et capitaneus?’: Portrayals of the ideal Crusader leader in the sermons of Pierre Roger/Clement VI – 16:00-16:35

Iulian Damian (Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca)
Giacomo della Marca preaching the crusade: around his sermon ‘De Victoria belli temporalis et spiritualis’– 16:35-17:10

Conference dinner – 19:00

Day 2 – May 21st 2022

Keynote – 9:30- 10:30
Pavlína Rychterová (IMAFO, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
Transforming the Purpose: Medieval Sermons between Latin and Vernaculars in Eastern Central Europe

Coffee break – 10:30-10:45

Session 4 –10:45-11:55
Chair: Lidia Negoi

Matteo Esu (IRHT-CNRS, Paris)
Isti moderni heretici’. University Preaching and Religious Intolerance: the unedited ‘Determinatio contra Hussitas’ in Vienna – 10:45-11:20

Oriol Catalán (Ostelea Tourism Management School – Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona)
The use of reason in the creation of intolerant arguments against Jews and Muslims in Hispanic preaching material and related literature – 11:20-11:55

Round Table (Chair: Paula Cotoi) – 12:10-13:00
Challenges for PhD Students and Early Career Scholars in International Perspective
Andreea Pocol, ‘In His Image and Likeness? ’ Likeness, Representation, and Dissemination in the Portraits of Vlad the Impaler and Stephen the Great (Fifteenth to Seventeenth Century). Visual and Textual Sources in Comparative Perspective; Diana Ursoi, Witchcraft Trials and Social Control Strategies in Early Modern Tarnsylvania; Raul-Alexandru Todika, The Influence of the European Renaissance Ambiance on the Architecture of the Noble Residences in the Principality of Transylvania; Maria-Bianca Glăvan, George Barițiu (1812-1893): an intellectual biography; Andrei Dălălău, The Fall of Icarus: Intellectual Repression in Communist Romania between 1956-1961.

Lunch break – 13:00-14:30

Session 5 – 14:30-15:40
Chair: Maria Crăciun

Paula Cotoi (Central University Library, Cluj-Napoca)
Preaching True Faith on the Border of Latin Christianitas in the Late Middle Ages: Osvaldus de Lasko’s ‘Gemma Fidei’ – 14:30-15:05

Borbála Lovas (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)
‘Fear not, little flock…’: Unitarian sermons in the early modern period – 15:05-15:40

Coffee break – 15:40- 16:00

Session 6 – 16:00-17:10
Chair: Pavlína Rychterová

Ágnes Korondi (National Széchényi Library, Budapest)
Between Sermon and Meditation: A Late Medieval Hungarian Passion Text – 16:00-16:35

Jan Odstrčilik (IMAFO, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
Witnesses of Latin-Czech-German trilingualism in Late Medieval Sermons – 16:35-17:10

Concluding remarks – 17:10-17:30

Conference dinner – 19:00