Previous Important Projects and Events Involving Members of TRANS.SCRIPT (2015-2017)

Project PA16/RO12-LP-8/18.12.2014: The Digitization of Medieval Documents from the National Archives of Romania, 2014-2016; Project Manager: dr. Marius DIACONESCU.

Project PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-2293: In Search for a Patron”. Parish Priests of the Saxons as Promoters of the Arts in Late Medieval Transylvania (ca. 1350-1550), 2015-2017; Project Manager: dr. Ciprian FIREA.

  • International Workshop (6-7 October 2017, Cluj-Napoca): The Medieval Parish as a Place of Convergence: Institution, Community, Cult and Monument.

International Conference (2-4 June 2016, Cluj-Napoca): Bullaria, Monumenta, Repertoria: Editing Late Medieval Documentary Texts preserved in the Vatican and Roman Archives (Supplementary Standpoints from Central Europe).

National Congress of the Romanian Historians (25-28 August 2016, Cluj-Napoca):

  • Round Table: The Parish in Medieval Transilvania: Perspectives on the Religious, Administrative and Cultural Life within the Communities of the German Colonists.
  • Round Table: – a Database with Medieval Documents from Romania.
  • Section: Current Issues of the Romanian Juridical Historiography: From Politicizing History to New Research Methods.